Women’s Therapy Retreats Orange County

private intensive women’s therapy retreats


women’s retreat orange county

This is an intensive program for women typically one day long. Variations are offered as your Retreat is designed and paced according to your needs.

  • You will understand your past and your patterns as well as the impact on your life and relationships today.
  • You will have insights leading to self-love.
  • You will learn tools to shift into secure attachment with yourself and in your relationships.

Women’s Retreats are designed to restore and rejuvenate your relationship with yourself. Timings will be discussed during the initial call and customized to suit you. A typical Retreat day includes approximately five hours of therapy with a lunch break in between.

The Format of Couples Therapy Retreatsthe format

The Retreat is process oriented, and includes assessments, psychoeducation, and coaching and seeks to help you reach deep. within to address attachment wounds, as well as resultant patterns in relationships and behaviors. The curriculum is a guideline, and each Retreat looks different as it is designed specifically for you.

The Benefits of Couples Therapy Retreats in Orange County California the benefit

The goal is to create a holistic and fulfilling life experience by exploring the self, survival patterns, and trauma, understanding attachment styles, creating, and sustaining healthy boundaries, and integrating intentionality in relationships and in life.

The Women’s intensive is individually scheduled and there is no group work. However, you’re welcome to consider sharing the Intensive experience with a close girlfriend or relative. Avail 10% discount with multiple participants.

Note: Couple Care is not for you if your relationship suffers from the threat of ongoing violence, history of harm to self or other, drug/alcohol addiction, suicidal/homicidal thoughts, or a major mental illness. Please access local therapeutic help for these situations.