“Dr. Patel was incredible. A great listener and did a terrific job in keeping the conversation going and addressing both our needs in a patient and caring manner. A true professional.” – Man, New York

“Dr. Patel is amazing. She gets right to the underlying issues and gives directions on how to fix the problems. ” – Woman, Dana Point

“Life saviour is used a lot but Parul has literally been a life saviour for the past 2 years for me. She has helped me see and get to my deepest, best self when life challenges tried to do otherwise. She has been my guide post to life and light within myself when grief /sorrow /anxiety felt like was going to swallow me whole. Doesnt matter how hard life got in the past 2 years – I have had the solace of knowing she is on the other end of the phone line and that has helped me survive many nights and days!!” – Woman, Los Angeles

“Dr. Patel and her work have been a greater help to me than words can easily express. Her sessions are truly insightful, and have guided me through some of the most difficult times of my life by empowering me with keen observation that is always balanced with compassion. Without exception, I always feel I leave my meetings with her with new tools and understanding with which to approach the challenges of my life. Her help and work has been invaluable to me, and I’m so grateful for the time I have with her.” – Man, West LA

“I began to form a deep trust in Dr. Patel’s skills as we travelled a path toward recovery. Using mind, body, and spirit techniques, she let me to a better understanding of the possibilities available.” – Woman, Lake Forest

“Dr. Patel is a gifted therapist, full of kindness, and support; a bright light in the shadows of life.” – Woman, Cerritos

“We appreciate all that you have done for our relationship. Because of our complications, and history I thought we had no chance of survival. What we experienced with you was completely transformational. Thank you for giving us the tools so communicate and salvage our relationship.”– Couple, Pasadena

“I value this experience so much. I feel our relationship now has a chance for survival. I can’t thank you enough. The insight and understanding I have gained are immense and these will stay with me forever.”– Man, Palm Springs

“Thank you so much. We were speeding down a destructive path and you saved us. You saved our family. You have our eternal thank you!” – Couple, Newport Beach