couple care is for you if:

  • Your relationship has suffered on account of infidelity and affairs
  • You and your partner have lost intimacy or connection
  • Your relationship is overwhelmed by avoidance or quick reactions
  • You and/or your partner are facing life changes or dealing with a mid-life crisis
  • Your relationship has been affected by the “empty nest” syndrome
  • Either one or both of you are contemplating divorce, or are distressed
couples counseling in Orange County, California

couple care can help you:

marriage counseling in Orange County, California
  • Understand your love style and how your formative years contributed
  • Understand the problematic patterns in your relationship
  • Address your particular concerns, patterns and the core issues in your relationship
  • Gain the skills to create a whole new dance in your relationship
  • Practice a new and healthy way of relating with your partner
  • Experience positive shifts and gain new insight/ tools to nourish and maintain connectivity

frequently asked questions:

How do I schedule a Couple Care Retreat?

– Call 949-229-2715 or email:, and we will schedule a phone conversation to assess if Couple-Care is a good fit.
– Fill out the form on the Contact page of and we will reach you to schedule a phone call and discuss your needs.

What follow up care does Couple Care offer?

Your retreat includes a follow-up 30 minute phone call for any questions you might have and guidance to help you integrate the changes, continue to implement the tools you acquire in a Retreat, and keep moving forward in a positive direction. Further follow-up care or maintenance recommendations may be discussed at the end of your retreat based on need.

What is included in my Retreat package?

Your 3-day Retreat package includes a 30 minute post-Retreat call, 15 hours of psychotherapy and lodging in beautiful Orange County, CA. Meals and transportation are your responsibility. Longer and shorter Retreats are available based on your need.

What are my airport options to get to Orange County for my Retreat?

– John Wayne Airport, Orange County (SNA) is the closest airport with approximately a 20 minute drive to your Retreat location.
– Long Beach Airport (LGB) is approximately 40 minute drive to your Retreat location in Orange County.
– Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is approximately a 1 hour 15 minute drive to your Retreat location in Orange County.

How do I know Couple Care is the right fit for my situation?

– Call 949-229-2715 or email:, and we will schedule a phone conversation to assess if Couple-Care is a good fit for your needs.

Why a Couples Therapy Retreat versus traditional weekly couples psychotherapy?

Weekly couple’s therapy may not be an option for those with busy or unpredictable schedules. And, in spite of the benefits, progress in weekly couple’s therapy can be slow. Couples in distress can feel hopeless due to the overwhelming and escalating nature of their challenges. Retreats are designed for the couple to get away from daily life stressors, responsibilities and schedules, and to focus solely on their relationship in a concentrated, enhanced and in-depth manner, with the goal of achieving the progress and benefits of months of traditional therapy.

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