Relationship wounds and negative patterns may be deep-set, and require intense intervention to break through the core problems to create change. Couple Care services provide momentum for the in-depth treatment and healing that may be needed. All services are highly effective and intensive personalized programs designed to help couples and individuals whose relationships suffer from distress.

Pre-Marital, Marriage and Relationship Counseling help address your relationship goals and concerns, while working on improved communication, intimacy, understanding and empathy to lead to a more fulfilling relationship – and a more fulfilling life!
Why Counseling: Relationship distress can stem from many reasons such as unmet expectations, relationship wounds and trauma, the lack of effective communication, or simply life events. Whether it is chronic bickering and unhealthy exchanges, or deafening silence and a lack of connection, the relationship stops to thrive. Added to the relationship history are the distinct individual histories and experiences each partner brings with them into the relationship. Counseling helps explore patterns and create understanding, insight and repair so that each of you along with the relationship as a whole can move towards deeper appreciation, healing and thus wellbeing. Counseling can also help guide expectations, roles and patterns in the early stages of a relationship to support its journey onto a fulfilling path.

Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats are designed for you to get away from daily life stressors, responsibilities and schedules, and to focus on your relationship in a concentrated, enhanced and in-depth manner, with the goal of achieving the progress and benefits of months of traditional therapy in just a few days. Retreats are booked with only one couple at a time so each couple gets the individualized attention and format that their relationship may need. There are no group formats.

Retreat Options:

  1. Retreat with lodging at a beautiful and serene private home in Orange County, CA
  2. In-office Retreat in our lovely office in Irvine, Orange County, CA
  3. On-site Retreat in your home or a vacation spot of your choice (Geographical limitations apply)
  • Meals and Travel are on your own.
  • We can provide our recommendation for your Retreat length based on your needs at the time of your call.
  • Pricing will depend on your Retreat option and length, and will be discussed at the time of your call.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to book your dates.

Re-Igniting Passion is a program planned to help you re-kindle the spark and romance in your relationship, rebuild stimulating energy and explore a passionate re-connection with one another.
Too often sexual disconnect leaves relationships dissatisfied, when it is well within reach to reconnect sexually. With an intentional program for self-exploration to rediscover individual needs, it is possible to learn to communicate the deepest parts of yourself with your partner, work through anxieties, explore preferences, and discover, perhaps, a new connection.

Decision Making / Conscious Un-Coupling / Divorce Counseling is sought by couples and individuals often going through a very emotionally difficult and draining time. You do not have to go through this alone and professional help is available.

During such a time you need counseling that:

  • Supports individuals still in the divorce decision making process to sort through and take an optimum decision for themselves.
  • Helps individuals and couples who are going through a divorce to intentionally, and mindfully untangle their lives, seek closure, co-parent if applicable, and in some cases maintain a friendship.
  • Helps individuals and couples who are divorced to heal from deep wounds, find closure and peace, as well as navigate life post-divorce.

Note: Couple Care is not for you if your relationship suffers from the threat of ongoing violence, history of harm to self or other, drug/alcohol addiction, suicidal/homicidal thoughts, or a major mental illness. Please access local therapeutic help for these situations.