Affair Recovery Counseling

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infidelity / affair recovery counseling


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Few experiences are as deeply painful and devastating as infidelity.

What is not said and done at the discovery of an affair is as critical as what is. Safety needs to be created for the emotional intensity being experienced between and within each of you. Both partners need restoration of dignity and respect, and a footing to hold the collapse. You need structure, calmness, clarity as well as comfort and hope.

Discovery of an affair and all that comes with it such as: fear of the stigma, shame, guilt, fault finding, fact checking, jealousy, self-doubt, remorse, anxiety and so much more, can be all consuming, over-riding any relationship capital. The shock of an affair can feel like a punch in the gut. Now starts the process of catching your breath and finding a path to recovery. Rest assured, the complete collapse will slowly and inevitably make way for re-building.

Affair Recovery Counseling Processaffair recovery therapy process

  • Address the crisis
  • Provide structure and safety for emotional expression
  • Support appropriate disclosure, and boundaries
  • Help identify short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals
  • Support mourning, growth, and self-care
  • Provide tools to repair relationship wounds
  • Foster understanding, and re-connection
  • Address trust
  • Understand causative factors
  • Help heal

affair recovery therapy FAQsFAQs

– Can I come alone?
Making sense of what has happened in your relationship, gaining insight, expressing and sorting through your feelings and goals, and having a non-judgmental, safe and therapeutic space at this time is immeasurably helpful – whether you come in together or individually.

– Will our relationship recover from infidelity?
There are definite steps to recovery and healing, and rebuilding trust. No matter how challenging it feels right now, creating a new relationship with your partner in the aftermath of an affair is possible.


Note: Couple Care is not for you if your relationship suffers from the threat of ongoing violence, history of harm to self or other, drug/alcohol addiction, suicidal/homicidal thoughts, or a major mental illness. Please access local therapeutic help for these situations.