Divorce Recovery Counseling

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divorce recovery counseling


Going through divorce can be a scary, sad and confusing experience as lives that were once intertwined are painfully separated. Children, family, finances, assets, friends, and living situations are profoundly impacted by divorce. Relationships can change, and sometimes sides are drawn. The emotional turmoil accompanying divorce can include everything from anxiety, and anger to confusion, grief and perhaps paradoxically even a sense of relief. It can be overwhelming to navigate through the emotional trauma pre and post-divorce.

If you are considering divorce, going through divorce, or reeling from the aftermath of a divorce, do not go through the process alone. Let us help you heal.

Divorce Recovery Counseling Therapy Processdivorce recovery therapy process

  • Address the crisis, and emotional pain
  • Provide structure and safety for emotional expression and decision making
  • Establish appropriate boundaries
  • Help identify short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals
  • Support mourning, growth, and self-care
  • Provide tools to repair relationship wounds
  • Foster effective communication with ex-spouse and children (as needed)
  • Address trust, forgiveness and compassion
  • Understand causative factors
  • Transition into singlehood successfully
  • Structure a plan for emotional repair, healing and growth

divorce recovery therapy FAQsFAQs

– What is the point of counseling after my divorce?
The focus of divorce recovery counseling is 1) healing from the trauma and pain of divorce, and 2) understanding what happened in your relationship, and developing insight on your relationship patterns so you can prevent them from repeating in the future. We will work on discovering you, so you get to know who you are and what you want with new and profound understanding. A stronger, healthier you is key to a future stable relationship, and divorce recovery counseling may help with just that.

– Will I recover from divorce?
There are definite steps to recovery, healing, and rebuilding yourself. No matter how challenging it feels right now, creating a fulfilling life in the aftermath of a divorce is absolutely possible.


Note: Couple Care is not for you if your relationship suffers from the threat of ongoing violence, history of harm to self or other, drug/alcohol addiction, suicidal/homicidal thoughts, or a major mental illness. Please access local therapeutic help for these situations.